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Because of the Lord Jesus Christ.

All Souls is named with purpose.  All that Christ has welcomed we welcome. Our informality is legend.  So much so that one cannot join our church.  We have no membership but what we share in Christ.  That fellowship is good.  Our coffee is passable.  Our programs are non-existent.  Our voices, though few, are eager.  We do not "pass the plate".  We are, because Christ has made us new creatures that want to seek Him and enjoy the fellowship of those so moved.

We have been a church for thirty years.  We have always welcomed many theological backgrounds, any that are joined by the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and the righteousness which rests on the love which the Holy Spirit inspires in each.

We have a simple service with very slight liturgy.  We sing classic hymns with piano accompaniment, attend to the public reading of Scripture, pray together over requests, fellowship over coffee, and listen to an expository and rational sermon from the Scriptures.  We have no need to create a movement.

We are called to be faithful to our God in loving our neighbor.  We stress the holiness without which no one will see God and that holiness is available to the believers by Grace in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.  We desire to be faithful to the Revelation of God, the Reason He has given man, and the Reality in which we live.

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