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Hegan weddig - photo by Bradly Leach


and congratulations on your betrothal, and upcoming wedding!


All Souls Christian Church is a nondenominational church in Moscow, Idaho.

It is the oldest standing church in Moscow, and is located at 217 E. 6th.

It is a wonderful setting for a small, intimate wedding.

The church has a capacity of 160 for seated guests; which includes seating in the balcony.  There is also a kitchen and reception area available in the basement.








Past or Officiant: You must make your own arrangements for a pastor or valid officiant to perform the wedding.  Should you wish to have the All Souls pastor perform the service, you will need to make that request of him separately. He will wish to give you premarital counseling as well.
Suggested honorarium: $125

Clean-up: You are responsible for returning everything to its original state.

Music: You are responsible for your own music.  There is a baby grand piano that may be used.  If you wish for names of persons who do music in our church, these can be provided.

Once you have decided on a date, a $75 deposit will be needed to secure the time.  You will then be put in contact with the wedding hostess. The wedding hostess will assist you with your wedding and the use of the church facilities.  She is the person whom you give the balance of your wedding fees.  Her job is to answer your questions regarding approved decorations, use of the kitchen facilities, lighting, sound, and the moving of any furniture and/or equipment.   The wedding hostess will be present for the scheduled rehearsal and ceremony as needed, and will be the person who will check up after the wedding to make sure all clean-up has been done satisfactorily, and that everything has been returned to its original state.  She will make sure the building is properly utilized and secure, and that all doors are locked, and lights turned off.


1. Decorating items: All Souls has limited decorating items.  Please ask the wedding hostess what is available.  All candles must be dripless, and are to be provided by the wedding party.

2. Wedding Coordinator (different from a wedding hostess): You may provide your own.

3. Conduct: No smoking is allowed in the church.  If you wish to have alcohol at your wedding reception, you will need to get a permit with the city. You may need to provide a damage deposit to cover the cost of cleaning. Please discuss this with the wedding hostess.

4. Throwing of birdseed: Outside only and no rice please.

5. Pictures/Video recording: The use of photography and/or video during the wedding is up to the wedding party and pastor. Names of photographers and/or video recorders can be provided.

6. Fees: All fees and honoraria shall be paid at the rehearsal, or before, to the wedding hostess.

7. Rehearsal dinner: The kitchen and reception area can be used for the rehearsal dinner, too. Speak to the wedding hostess about this. There will be another fee associated with this. The dinner and clean-up following the rehearsal dinner would need to be completed by 10:00 P.M..

8. Reception use: The wedding reception and clean-up will be completed no later than 10:00 P.M. on the day of the wedding, to allow the wedding hostess to close the church in a timely manner.

9. Cleaning: The wedding party is expected to remove all decorations and personal effects, and leave the facility in good order.


for your interest in our church for your wedding.  We hope this answers most of your questions.

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